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I just purchased a very old Avensis (as a replacement for my much-loved 1994 VW Golf which had died. I needed a car). Out of interest I looked into upgrading the GPS map in the Avensis, which dates from 2001. It seems a new map, covering just the UK, would cost €98.34 + tax +freight - yes, freight, as it's only available on a CD, not a download. This works out to £103.46 or $166.75. Plus freight. For a map update.

Are they actually serious? You can buy a TomTom satnav complete, including a map for the whole of Western Europe, for about £80 ($129/€92). Plus it's the worst satnav I've ever come across; it keeps changing its mind on a straight road that's been there for several hundred years (so not due to an out of date map).

I can only conclude that they really don't want to supply new maps; a good thing as my cell phone has a free satnav app with free maps.

Has anyone actually found the Toyota satnav of any use except as a conversation piece?
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