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Arizona 05+ Tacoma Trail Meet #2

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Saturday, 4-11 Who wants in??
We will be running New River Canyon, Its an all day loop that take you around Cave Creek.

It is, as far as i know, prerunner friendly so everyone is welcome.

Free up your schedules and join us for a fun-filled day of wheeling your 05+ Taco :D

Heres the list of who is Confirmed as well as club affiliations

1. oakleyTRD (Cliff)- TN, AZTOYZ--------------------attending----Texted
2. johncon2001 (John)- TN, AZTOYZ------------------attending----Texted
3. tacomarich (Rich)- TN, AZTOYZ--------------------attending----Texted
4. Danzer -(Derek)- TacomaWorld--------------------attending----Texted
5. Kyouto42- (?)- TacomaWorld-----------------------attending----Texted
6. PackerfanXD-(Matt)- AZTOYZ, TacomaWorld-------attending----Texted
7. [email protected] (?)- TacomaWorld-------------------attending----Texted
8. Friend of PackerFan- (Dave and Kate) -------------attending
9. 1 HEEP :mad:--------------------------------------attending
10. wwbaseball24-(?)- AZFJ---------------------------attending----no cell #


1. Brianr- (Brian)- Tacoma World---------------------Possible----no cell #
2. Nitrocircus177 - (Trevor)-AZTOYZ------------------Possible----Texted
3. TacoNut- (Adam)- TacomaWorld-------------------Possible----no cell #
4. Miss-Artoo- (?)- AZFJ-----------------------------possible----no cell #
5. blipski- (?)- AZFJ---------------------------------possible late day----no cell #
6. EMPIREFJ- (?)-AZFJ------------------------------possible late day----no cell #
7. Remcon- (?)-AZFJ--------------------------------possible late day----no cell #
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come on guys we need more TN guys to represent
i know it helps when we schedule way in advance. when do you want to prerun this. alot of the guys are asking about creek crossings and pinstriping
How about 11am this Saturday? I want to go in off of Cave Creek though, it'll be easier/faster to get there rather than taking I-17
Im down come in off cave creek road right. Where do u wanna meet up?
I'll shoot you a text in a minute, gotta cruise up there and find a suitable meeting place
sounds good, we need a spot that easy to find and can hold at least 10 trucks lol
sounds good, we need a spot that easy to find and can hold at least 10 trucks lol
I just sent you it, but for the rest of you:

There's a spot just South of Happy Valley on the East side of Pima. Its all dirt and quite large.
Just got back from prerunning this trail. All you 2WD guys will be more than fine. Im uploading some pics right now ill post them in a few. I think we are going to have a second trail for 4x4 guys and any 2WD with a locker following the main Trail. This will take between 3-4 hours
The main trail:

Second trail will be black canyon east:

John just messing around

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This Saturday (4-11) 10 AM

Were meeting at the lot on the south east corner of Happy Valley and Pima Road.

We will run 2 trails, 1 will be for everyone then the second will have some restrictions (at least 2wd with a locker)or be prepaired to be pulled out and risk pin stripes and body damage if you do not have a built truck.



Shoot me a PM if you have any questions. we have 8 trucks coming and a HEEP
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Bump for arizona people that might not have seen it yet!
Update. I think it would be easier to meet at a gas station so everyone can fuel up and get food and water

That being said we will all be meeting at the Shell Station On Pinacle Peak Road Just West of Pima Road

Heres the address, i Sent out a text a minute ago so everyone has my number. Shoot me a PM if you didn't get it or if i dont have your cell

8711 E Pinnacle Peak Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

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