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ARR! Someone suggest good u-joints :(

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So I had a u-joint go bad last April, so I replaced them both on the rear shaft. The u-joints were sealed, so I figured I'd replace them with greaseable joints, but Autozone was the only place I could find regreaseable u-joints! :gaydumbo:

Anyways, it has been less than a year and the rear u-joint has failed again :cursin:
I have regreased the joints often and with good grease! I drive like a grandma, but the joints still failed! Someone suggest good, inexpensive u-joints!
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the non greasable ones are fine dude.... you cant go wrong with a genuine dana/spicer u joint but there are other mfgrs like beck arnley that make good stuff. ive been using the non greasable ones from auto zone in my sonoma and theve been in there for 40k miles.
what is a bad u-joint like?
it moves. there should be no horizontal, or vertical movement in your driveline. It should only twist.
ya my back U-joint is going bad i need to get under there and take care of it but im not gettin under there until its at least above 50F
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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