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arrgg i fell stupid asking but...

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Ive searched the net and havnt found n e info on this, but whats the diffrence between a 6th gen coupe and lift back?

oh and whats the diff between the gt and the gts? is there even a gts for the 6th gen. I doubt the gts is the gt 4 rite?

you can hit me now :hammer: ouch

thanks in advanced
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gts for the 6th gen is only in canada.. its just the GT here in the US- it does not have variable timing with lift :)

the coupe has a trunk, the liftback is a hatchback; thats the difference. Stylewise, I prefer the coupe myself.. but everyone will argue :)

If you searched the net and didn't find ; you didn't do a very good job :)
nope i found that place but had a kind hard time finding my way through it. I also was looking for jdm tail lights but didnt find the version i was looking for. However they had the largest collection of 6th gen info and parts that i had ever seen.

I shall post asap thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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