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Assorted 3rd gen questions

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As a new Camry owner (1994 V6 SE), I find myself with a couple questions for the helpful guys around here.

First off, the ABS and check engine lights have both been on constantly. My mechanic ran the engine code and it came out to be something EGR related. Didn't seem to concern him much then.

Due to mileage(103,xxx) I am also told that it is about time for the replacement of the timing belt. This is my main concern, mostly because the replacement work comes out to $1000+ according to my mechanic because of the fact I have the V6 rather than the 4 Cylinder.

My last questions relate to the audio system. It has the stock cd player/tape deck/synthesizer from what must have been the premium sound then. I'm assuming there are tweeters in the door from what it looks like. My question is how do I go about upgrading the audio of the car with the stock amp and deck there? Am I better off up grading the speakers and leaving the amp and deck alone? Or am I better off removing them? Sort of lost :confused:

Thanks a ton guys.
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1994 V6 SE. Must be a coupe, right? I hope you're taking care of her, especially at that low milage! That's a desirable configuration. Put up some pics if you get a second! :)

Anyways, EGR... yeah I wouldn't worry too much about it for now. But you're fuel economy CAN go to crap if you leave it alone. Maybe. See if you can grab the code from him. Usually PXXXX where X= a number, of course. Just to see what's going on... especially if the light is still on.

100,000 mile maintaince! IF regular oil changes have been done, all that you're going to need is a timing belt and water pump (while youre in there.) $1000 is a little high for my area (even with a V6 engine) but i'm in Virginia. Shop around and see what other prices you can get for a water pump and timing belt change. But yes, this should probably be done sooner or later if you want to take good care of your ride.

Tweeters in the doors usually means premium sound. Which means there's usually an amp under the passenger's seat. You can either bypass the stock amp and use your own head unit, or use your own headunit. Replace the speakers or don't Your choice. I will say that the facotry system is rather gutless compared to modern car's systems. But I'm not really a huge audio guy. I think money can be better spent else wear. (SUSPENSION!) :naughty:

Good luck with her. If you have questions, ask 'em! And :welcome: to TN.
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Yes, a red coupe :)
I will post some pictures as soon as my usb ports on the computer start working.

A little update, i ran the ABS diagnostic posted here, comes up as a code 36, open circuit in right front or left rear speed sensor.
Check the wiring for the speed sensors. Check they're even attached.

Then replace.

If you're mechanically inclined, you can knock out the timing belt in a weekend. You don't need skill, just patience...and time. And probably a 6 pack..or 12 pack if you're big.

As for the audio system, definitely upgrade your head unit. New speakers will do you wonders, but if yours aren't blown you should be able to get away without replacing them. It depends on your budget, if you've got the money, replace them and you won't look back. But if you're on the fence about it, just let it wait.
sounds about right for teh timing belt, that is IF he is including the water pump replacement too, which you will want to do at the same time.

we do have premeium sound (94 SE myself), the quickest to upgrade the audio over all is to replace teh stock headunit (tapedeck/cdplayer) and replace it with a new one. most new ones come with a built in amp that will improve the sound a little. nothing compared to a full sound system, but kills two birds with one stone.

post some pics of ur SE if ya haven't already. ther are not many SE coupe drivers here...actually i think just us.
Toyota Pasadena (used to be Symes Toyota) quoted me $395 for the timing belt replacement last week - for a '95 V6 LE - parts and labor. They are on Foothill Blvd in Pasadena.
looking at putting the Avalon speaks in....midrange and tweets.....hopefully they fit...I am a 94 but a LE sedan......but the door config should be close....your glass is alot heavier as are the doors....but you may have more room than I do.....I havent looked yet. Also gonna see about a radio upgrade although I dont have the premium sound...I am looking at a factory upgrade....though I fear NO wire. LOL!

Timing be....not too hard really...if you have some could pull it off.....basic hand tools and some time....though air is soooo much faster

Egr....that is not hard at all....its mounted right by the throttle body (TB) can pull it off.....clean it out with some scraping and carb cleaner......reinstall.....and voila'!!!!!!!! done!!!

gas mileage will increase

You got a great sounding car...keep up on it and will last you a gooooood long time....I should know....Im running 275,xxx miles!!!!!!!
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$1000 ??!?!!?!?!!?! wow, i got mine done at TiresPlus for about $450.(i also have the v6 1MZ) that included timing belt, water pump, and timing tensioner. go check them out. good prices. and i want :pics: :D
wow, most of the shops here in md wouldnt charge less then 800 for a timing belt, water pump and labor. thats with parts included. they said it is because of the labor involved.
DIY. save money, bond with your car :thumbsup:

shouldn't be as bad as doing an exhaust swap in the winter (brrrr cold concrete :bleh:)
DIY. save money, bond with your car :thumbsup:

shouldn't be as bad as doing an exhaust swap in the winter (brrrr cold concrete :bleh:)
Which also shouldn't be as bad as doing an engine swap and transmission conversion in the winter... brrrr laying in snow for 10 hours a day
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Or a part out in January. :eek:

OP, do you have the skills to take this on yourself?
phew, been real busy lately so I haven't had a chance to get on here really.

A little update, ended up just having the mechanic do everything as far as the timing belt and egr code went. Got the water pump, belt, tensioners etc. taken care of for about 1200. A little pricey but I know it was all done right.

But of course you fix one thing, more pop up. Found a tiny crack in the tail light so it's filling up with condensation and whatever was holding the left part of the spoiler on rotted away/came off so it's loose. That and the door handle should be a diy project once I get some time.

Pictures to come soon.
^^$1200!?!?:eek: Wow. I got all mine done(belt...water pump...tensioners...etc) for right at$ 400. And I also kno its done right.:thumbsup:
Glad she's running in tip top shape. :) Any :pics: for us?
phew, been real busy lately so I haven't had a chance to get on here really.

A little update, ended up just having the mechanic do everything as far as the timing belt and egr code went. Got the water pump, belt, tensioners etc. taken care of for about 1200. A little pricey but I know it was all done right.
That's right, done right at a high cost.
Glad to see you got those issues taken care of! Now, I've done both audio and suspension upgrades on my car (you can take a look at the website for greater detail :D). I also had premium sound out of the factory on my car so I was in the same boat as you :)

My personal opinion would be to upgrade the suspension completely first. Having gone thru that, here is what I would do :thumbsup: I would lower the car, get some shocks to your taste. I would go with KYB for confort or Tokico's for street performance, that seems to be the general wave in this subforum:) What I would do next is a Rear Sway Bar(RSB) upgrade, a Whiteline BTR36 should do great, or you can look for the much rare-er Gen 4 TRD RSB. That might be a tad bit tough to find though. For the whiteline one, you can always go thru their website (shipping would be expensive). There is also an Ebay seller, neverenoughauto, based out of Grant, MI, that can supply you with one for 140$ shipped. I would then move on to get Polyurethane bushings for front and rear control arms, the rear trailing arms, the rack and pinion and the sway bar bushings. This should cost you a pretty penny, BUT, BUT, you will be a happy man! The last step, which you can skip, would be to plussize your rims and get good quality rubber. You can always just upgrade the rubber and stick to your stock rims, that's up to you:cool:

Now, moving on! Sound system. Here is what I learned: Do it right the first time, or don't do it at all. I would buy a headunit that has the function you would like. A standard, good brand, headunit should do i.e. Pioneer, Alpine, Clarion, etc... I would the get a 4, 5 or 6 channel amplifier, depending on wether or not you would like to get subwoofers at some point in time.

Bear in mind, with a 6 channel amplifier, 2 channels will usually have a permanent low pass filter, meaning they will output bass only, so you can also hook up tweeters if you would like! Again, here, don't cheap out on the brand! Personally, I would pick either Infinity or JL Audio (Both Harmon companies) for your amplifier as well as your speakers. Next step: Pick out some speakers that match the RMS channel output on your amplifier. This is important when searching, you are looking at RMS (root mean squared) output values and not peak values. RMS values are what the channels are outputting most of the time, this goes for speakers as well. Peak values can only be maintained for short periods of time before somethings goes. I would stick to Infinity or JL audio here is well!

I know I threw a lot of info your way, and I may have missed some important points, which I'll post up later if I remember, but I hope this helps!

EDIT: Also forgot, for sound system, you might want to consider getting some sound deadning for the car as well!
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