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Attn All 05 And Up V6 Auto Trans Owners...

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Well, I found out yesterday Toyota isn't bending us over with the spark plugs like they are to our 4 cyl siblings, but they're sticking it to us on the Transmission Fluid. Seems they're using a new ATF called "WS".

Here's the T.S.B. about it.

p.s. It's $42.00 a gallon.

EDIT: This T.S.B. also explains the fluid inspection procedure.
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damn that sucks.
That's one reason I have held onto my 85 Toyota truck and Land Cruiser. The "you never know factor".
Thats why I plan to switch out all my fluids once I hit 5k.
BruynBoy said:
Thats why I plan to switch out all my fluids once I hit 5k.
What do you mean by switch out? You mean replace it with different fluids?

Scroll down on the TSB. If you replace your fluid with Non "WS" fluid:

The following symptoms will occur if non–WS ATF is put into a WS–compatible​

automatic transmission:

Non–WS ATF has a higher viscosity. Because of this, response to changes in
fluid pressure decreases, lengthening shift time, causing shift flare.

When the fluid temperature is low, (approximately –40°F [–40°C]), air can enter the
oil pump causing cavitation resulting in low fluid pressure.

Fuel consumption increases.

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Well... I wont replace the ATF, not that big of a deal I guess.
cdaniel76 said:
Well, I found out yesterday Toyota isn't bending us over with the spark plugs like they are to our 4 cyl siblings...
Not clear what you mean, my I4 requires iridium plugs every 120,000, my V6 brothers take standard plugs every 30,000, why should I feel bent over?
because your plugs are $20 and ours are $2.

always always always use the recommended type/weight of fluid and save yourself some headaches. if it calls for WS fluid, use WS fluid. :)

NESW20 said:
because your plugs are $20 and ours are $2.
Did a search on plug prices.

At the Iridium is $11.77 and the standard is $3.42 times 4 (120,000 divided by 30,000) equals $13.68, I don't feel bent over.

Didn't find a price on the NGK iridium but the standard is $4.85, did find iridiums for other toyota engines for $8.11. $8.11 for me, $19.40 for you.

At 120,000 (probably 8-10 years from now for me) who knows what the price of iridium will be, my guess, less than today. My guess on standard plugs, more than today, as production moves towards 100% iridium.:clap:
Cdaniel, when are we due for a tranny flush? I checked the service manual, but it only recommends checking the tranny fluid; it never recommends a specific point at which to flush these things.

Someone else posted recently about having theirs done at 30k and the tranny shifting much smoother.

I think the previous generation of Tacoma auto transmissions were supposed to be flushed at 30k.

But it seems like I've heard mention of this being a "lifetime transmission fluid" if such a thing exists.


The automatics do have "lifetime" tranny fluid, hence no dipstick to check the level. Despite the name, I've been told it's a good idea to do a drain and fill in the 60-75k mile range. The tranny for the 5-speed takes 3.2 quarts, less than a gallon. So if you do it yourself, it will cost you $42 bucks. Pretty cheap if you ask me, especially considering it will only need to be done once every 4-5 years for the average driver.

I'm pretty sure the 30K change you're referring to was for a manual tranny, which require fluid changes more often than automatics.
Service or Flush...

I'm one of these people who believes that services such as oil and trans and tune-ups should be done at "typical" intervals no matter what the manufacturer claims. Yes, I work for Toyota, but I don't believe a spark plug, no matter what material it's made of, should be in an engine for 120,000 miles. If I had a 4cyl, I'd still be changing my plugs every 30,000 miles.

As far as synthetic fluids that are supposed to last longer, I sill to my services at their "typical" intervals. You better believe, at 15,000 miles, I'll be doing a drain and refill on the tranny and then at 30,000 I'll be doing a flush.

These are just my beliefs. Not a stated fact from any manufacturer. It's mostly for my peace of mind.
Best I can tell from the ridiculously laid out "Scheduled Maintenance Guide" is If your towing, change out Auto fluid at 60,000 intervals. Not towing anything and it doesn't have any change at the end of 120,000. I could be wrong, not easy finding answers in my "Passport".:disappoin

Toyota had to be different I guess, where's the simple one page matrix like everyone else.:confused:
just remember, heat is the number one cause of transmission failure. it kills the life of the fluid. i'll be flushing mine AT LEAST every 50K, probably closer to 25K-30K miles.

Can't get the link to work. Could someone post what the TSB says.
Thanks alot
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