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Hey all, No Idea of way ahead with my upgrade. 6 months ago bough a very tidy sportivo 03 4cyl. Replacing the OEM head unit with 2din unit. Have bought 2nd hand steering wheel controls for audio but now having drama getting the right information. Clearly I need to change the clockspring (spiral cable) in order to to get the audio controls on the steering wheel to connect with head unit. I have searched for hours and some in order to locate a suitable clockspring. Any guidance will be GREATLY appreciated. Here in OZ, it seems steering wheel audio control in this vintage Camry was a pipe dream. The controls I bought came from the states so i'm "guessing" the clockspring will also have to be sourced from there as well? A part number would be just a real
gold nugget"! Or perhaps I'm not using the correct terminology in my searches?:help:pLEASE
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