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I’m going to be finishing my stereo this summer and was looking for any thoughts TN members might have on different amps they have used. This is the last part of the set up.

I will running, two 6X9 kicker fronts with two kicker tweeters and two 5 1/4 kicker rears with three 8" Rockford subs . I have a older model kicker 6 channel amp in the garage that I had in my previous truck that will not fit in this one and I have added a extra 8" sub as well. So I will need a different amp(s).

I have been looking into MTX and Kicker for amps and I'm fairly set on one of these to brands for amps. Has anybody had any problems or issues with either companies amp in the last 3 model yrs? Also any thoughts on if I should go with multi two or four channel?

Thanks in Advance.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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