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aug 26 inter club mini meet pixies

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inter club west side mini meet

teh turbo lancer

mitsu ppl do luv their wings

gues what these needs?

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the 3 lone toyotas (anotha c7 celica came in late)

lone mazda3

heh, luv these

missing pixies: the EL, teh late celica, teh girls at the plaza, the pocketbike chopper, bagged trucks, the superbikes
oh wellz

Protege panshot

Mitsu + Toyota panshot
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So you'll talk to P5 and Mitsu owners but not other Toyota owners eh? :rolleyes:
hey, no fair
posted the invite here as well sir

EL had 1, MAzda3 had 1 at least too
C7 had 3
CC and TN only like big meets maybe?
i was there for u guys anywayz
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