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Being put on by PNW group ::

2005 All Toyota Summer Meet

1) Circuit City
2800 196th St SW
Lynnwood, WA 98036

2) Richmond Beach
Shoreline, Washington

- August 7th, 12:00 (Afternoon)
- Beach, Show and BBQ. (Bring Your Own Beef, If you want. But food will be provided.)
- BBQ starts at 2:00 pm.
Caravan Times @ Circuit City to Richmond Beach:
- 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm.
- There will be two caravans to Richmond Beach. Don't miss it, only two caravans will be going to the beach.

- My cell phone number will be posted on the forums at the day of the meet to help people who might get lost.

- If you have any questions, please contact either Franklin Rozzel ([email protected]) or Jonathan Lu ([email protected]).

1) Please do not litter the area of the place for the meet. We are on public property and do not want to pay fines and/or get in trouble for littering.

2) Do not do anything you wouldn’t do in front of a cop. (No Burnouts, No Excessive Revving, Fighting, Reckless Driving, etc.) I trust you guys are mature enough to set a good example for the street tuning community.

3) Do not bring drugs, alcohol, weapons, etc to the meet. We want this to be a fun and inviting environment. *NO EXCEPTIONS*

4) DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! If you see anyone stepping into a vehicle that even looks REMOTELY intoxicated, stop them immediately.

5) Please, do not bring any people under the age of 16 to the meet. This is not intended to discriminate anyone, but rather a safety precaution towards other people in and around the meet.

(If you do intend to bring someone under the age of 16, please have an escort with them at all times.)

6) Please respect everyone at and around the meet. The street tuning community does not want to have any more bad press than it already has. Use proper language, no excessive profanity please.

7) While caravanning/cruising to any place, please keep within the regular speed limits and respect other drivers on the road. This is NOT the time to show off your drifting skills.

Obey all meet staff, organizers and grounds when attending the meet. Staff/Organizers will have power to change these rules as they see fit.

9) Golden Rule: Staff/Meet Organizers have a right to ask you to leave the premises of the meet if they feel that you are not following any of these rules. No warnings will be given.

Shoreline Police will also be on site. (They don't get to touch our food though, LOL)

10) The Last Rule: HAVE FUN [email protected]!T (Without doing anything stupid.)

Last one we did (December 6th, was not at the same location, however) had roughly 50-70 cars (hard to tell, many were coming and going) and was on much shorter notice and also was threatening rain there.

you can also get ahold of me if you have any questions:
[email protected]
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