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Aurion Transmission Failure

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Hi all
I have a 2007 Aurion Sportivo, and got it serviced, I specified the trans oil should be genuine WS fluid but looking at the receipt they used Fuchs T4. I rang them and they said it was Fuchs equivalent and will be fine. This was 13,000km ago.

Around 5000kms later a friend replaced the RF drive shaft to remedy a shudder, which it did. I got it back and went on holiday, and the CEL, VSC and traction control lights came on but it was driving fine so I figured I'd book it in when I got back.
Made it home last night, my partner went to go to the shop this morning, and it lost drive a few kms down the road. Selects the gears but act as though it's in neutral, even in reverse and tiptronic. When I went to put it in park it made a bit of a graunching noise. I am thinking the transmission input shaft and wonder the link between the 2 repairs mentioned above...
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After reading about the tranny fluids I doubt there's an issue there. Did you scan for the codes?
Year and miles on the vehicle. Any othr work done like brakes or tires around the same time? Sounds like it's in fail safe mode. On some cars if an abs sensor fails or the brake light/neutral safety switche does it will cause these types of issues. Do all your lights including brake lights work properly and does the car startas it should but just won't move.
Getting the DTC codes from the ECM by scanning it will help a ton.
Have you turned the Trac /VSC on or off and if so is there a change?
Weather there's a correalation with the earlier repairs is sorta moot unless you think you have a wrranty issue to pursue.
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