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Auto '94 feels like a burnt out clutch

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I've got a '94 Corolla with an automatic transmission. An engine swap (from a 1.6L to another one) was recently performed on it because the previous owner blew the original engine. The problem now is that it accelerates the same way my stick '93 did when the clutch was burnt out. Stepping on the gas hard revs the engine instead of accelerating and causes a burning smell. I know there is no clutch in an auto tranny, so what would cause the same effects as a burnt out one?
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thats bad, i'd suggest you stop driving it till you can find the problem. you can very very quickly ruin a slipping auto trans.

its a 4afe with an A131L trans right? it could be a blocked fluid passage not allowing for full apply pressure on a clutch or many other things. i'd check that you didnt kink a cooler line 1st since you were doing some heavey work in the engine bay recently.
It's not being driven. Drove it that one time, noticed it, and it's not going anywhere at the moment.

It's a 4afe, don't know the specs on the tranny though. A kinked coolant line sounds pretty likely considering the A/C line got busted during the swap. If one line got clipped it's not unlikely that another got hit too...
first thing you should check is the transmission fluid level. if for some reason you have lost transmission fluid during the engine replacement (don't ask me how, maybe a leak, or by disconnecting transmission cooler pipes/hoses?), it could be the cause of your slipping transmission.

check the level. if low, top it up, that should hopefully fix it, then check for leaks.

if the level is right in the first place, then look for kinked pipes, etc.
could have shaved the teeth on the gear's. does it do the same thing in reverse? if the coolant line isnt kinked, check to make sure there is no debris in the line clogging it.
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