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As far as I know I'm the only one who has a factory Toyota auto-dimming rear view mirror made for the Camry/Scepter. Other than my car, I have not seen any gen3/3.5 with such a mirror. I was lucky enough to grab it up from ebay a while back. The auction discription stated it was from a 94(gen3) special edition Camry, but I have not found any information to support that. I'm just happy I have the mirror.

I've been told just about any auto-dimming rear view mirror, can be modded to fit on the existing arm. I've never seen it done though. Check out these mirrors on ebay. Maybe you can mod one for your car...

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That is seriously one of the coolest features most people don't even know about!

Ironically my tall SUV has it.....but I'd rather have it in my non-tinted-windows Camry any day! They do side view mirrors too.....but it'd be a custom job for an old Camry.

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Do a quick search, there was a group buy here. I'm sure you'll get more opinons about that particular product too. I remember wanting it, but didn't have the chance to be included in the group buy.
yea i ran a search in the Gen 3 forums and didnt find anything, but ill check the rest of TN

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Here's a link to the manufacturer

Much cheaper than a dealer buy, and an easy install.

I bought and installed a Gentex in my Gen3.5 and it was fairly easy to do. I had to mount a "button" on the windshield but it was easy enough. Be sure and get the mirror with the map lights. They are nice and are wired into the overhead lights so they come on when the door is open.:clap:
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