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Been with my current company for 28 years. No accidents and every other year the price went up. Even when I got my current car 15 years ago. Company said the rate is due to the number of accidents with my model.

Pointed out that my model has only been in the country for the past month, so I said that I doubt that statement was true, but didn't have any other choice.

Last year was $1400 (got them down a little), but this year they jacked the price up to $1600 and had enough.

I called CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) which is an offshoot of the AAA (American version) and got a new rate based on Pay as You Drive. As I work from home and a lot of what I need is within a 5 mile radius. I have a low mileage rating.

New rate is $385 (paid over 4 months) + $85.00 for every 1000K or 600 miles I drive after that. If it takes 3 months to drive that 1000K. I only pay $85.00 for the 3 months

All I have to do is install a transponder into my diagnostic connection under the dash and it sends out updates at the end of the month. Friend said he doesn't think he would like them knowing where he was all the time. I told him I don't it has built in GPS. I think it only reads the odometer and sends out mileage readings.

My old company is a broker and I told them they need to get with the times as many companies are doing this now and if their insurers won't do it. Maybe time to find new ones.


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