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AUto meter suppliers????

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Who do you guys go to online to order auto meter accessories??? I need to get some carbon fiber 2 1/16 gauge pods! THanks!
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Oops.. Forget to tell you that if you can't find something on their website, call them. Their open 24/7.

I was looking for a K&N filter (drop in replacement) for my dads Altima. It wasn't listed on their website, but I called them and they have it. ;)
i did ebay- got my gauge cluster and my carbon oil pressure and voltmeter
when it comes to carbon fiber i dont play on ebay!
get some bling DEFI guages instead.......
The sales reps are on commision (I knew someone who made phat loot doing it $15/hr. on weekdays, and as much as $30/hr. on weekends/busy times!), so I think their web site sucks so you call them - but that would make no sense to corporate!
no im just getting the roll cage pods...carbon fiber but my gauges are acautotechnic.....they hooked me up on a nice deal and they look sweet!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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