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Auto Shift interlock 92 paseo problem

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Has anyone experienced problems with their EL44 Paseo's AT Shift Interlock not allowing the car to start in Park? I can release the shift lever and, with some difficulty, operate the key with my left hand while jockeying the shifter to the point where it will start--but this is awkward at best, annoying to say the least (92 Paseos seem to have the touchiest horn buttons!) and possibly hazardous. Is there a specific connection in the mechanism that needs replacing or cleaning? I just need some guidance before I go to the FSM and tear the sucker apart.
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Put it in neutral and start it?
Doesn't work. Tried it. Thanks.
bypass the locking mechinizism with at the starting module
is the steering wheel in a locked position in park? I had some trouble last summer with my 93 and the steering wheel not locking in park positon and not running. I had to remove the steering wheel and clean the inner gear in the column.
Where is the.starting.modulr amd how can i.bypass it
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