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Hi Guy's,
New to the site so just wanted to say a big hello, i hope you can help me.

2006 Invincable D4D 3.0 Auto

A few weeks back i noticed that my truck was holding in gear when in D. If you dropped the RPM it would change and away i went. I assumed it was time for me to change the ATF. This i got yesterday, however before i could change it things stepped up a gear. When i tried to pull away from the house heading to my workshop i couldnt select any gears. After turning off/on again it selected and away i went.

I changed the oil and all seemed well. Until later that night, i went out and the truck wouldn't change out of first gear. In fact every gear i selected it was stuck in first.

This morning i have plugged in the Maxiscan and there are two codes. P0751 shift solenoid stuck off & P0741 Torque converter clutch circuit stuck off.

Has anyone any ideas what to try ?. I was going to try opening and cleaning the solenoid multi plugs with CRC spray but i dont know what ones they are ? Maybe ill just disconnect them all and clean that way ill know there all good.:grin:


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Not familiar with that trans, but on most auto transmissions most of the solenoids are on the valve body, which is readily accessible once you drop the pan.
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