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Auto Transmission

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hi guys, bascially, i'm new here and from asian country (Singapore) if any of u guys know where tat is,

i kinda noticed that auto transmission cars here are a trend here and IMHO, for a sports car or something with a turbo, i would never drive it unless it's a stick shift....

just wondering, when the guys mod their auto transmission car with turbo and stuff, do they do it from drag racing or take it to the street?

jus a confussion here, for when i see a very nice sprts car running in auto shift, i want to cry out.... it's like that whole car is spoilt...
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Strange, In China most cars were stick. Auto is for richer ppl..
Ifyou aredrag racing a car with a ton of power, an auto transmission can be very beneficial. It'smuch more consitent and on a turbo car it let's you spool up the turbo while torquebraking for the launch. Also, a built automatic can be just as efficient as a stick shift. Off the drag strip however, manual tranny's rule and are just much much more fun to drive.
i totally understand the auto in drag racing, looking at how morons with auto shift tries to out manevure me and my car and u can see how they are unable to control the car as it goes into a corner.

definitely stick is more fun to drive,

besides, no engine brake and unable to drift out of a corner is :confused: to me while driving.
I roll auto no matter what. It's just my style.
engine braking can be done on auto, just shift down to 2 or 1 from D. i do it during winter time when lots of snow on the ground.
Unless I got a full size truck.... or a luxury type car.... I wouldn't buy an automatic.
Most American own Automatics because we are lazy :D . Most of the people in this country are willing to trade the benifits of a standard transmission: fuel economy, initial cost, repair cost, car control, fun to drive, and speed for the ability to eat a hamburger while stuck in stop-and-go traffic. :p:

I had an automatic for my first car because it was a hand-me-down from my dad. But now that I bought my own car I got a stick, and I am loving it. I think for any car that is driven to go fast, or driven to be fun should have a stick. But I can understand how people like automatic transmissions, just like some people would rather be driven everywhere then drive themselves. It is just not for me, atleast at this point in life.
2-door sports cars should always be stick... otherwise it's just a waste... then again, rich white women prefer auto.

Luxury sedans should always be auto...
Well I wish I had a stick but it is very hard to find a gen3 v6 in a manual around here.
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