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Autodimming Mirror?

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OK, I'm putting a deposit on my tC today (WOOT!!!) and, in case they need a final rundown of what I want on the car, I'm trying to decide on a few bits of the car (mainly the color...ugh...and the last little perk I want to give myself).

Most of my driving is done at night, and I'm trying to decide whether or not I should get the autodimming mirror (it's either that or the cupholder illumination...or both if I break down...hehe). Usually headlights don't bother me, but my mom is a different story, and I'm thinking the mirror might be something nice to have in case she's driving my car on a trip. Nothing absolutely necessary, but it might be nice.

Has anyone gotten the mirror? From the pics on the website, I can't tell if the mirror has maplights built into it, or a thermometer, or compass, or anything like that.... I'm just trying to figure out exactly what it's like so I can justify spending over $300.00 on it.

Thanks much!
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It depends on the model of mirror if it has the compass in it. I dont think that they have maplights in them but i could be wrong. It is definately a nice option I had it on my 04 Solara SE Sport and for long trips at night it is a definate eye saver.

OK, thanks for the feedback! I went ahead and ordered it...figured it couldn't hurt.

In a moment of weakness (hehe) I asked about getting the cupholder lights too, but for some reason the salesman was telling me he didn't think they came on the tC, since the "build your car" on didn't have that as an option (they were using that site to create the pre-orders so they can just call you later, verify it's the same, and presto!).

I'm thinking he was just smoking crack or something, but maybe I'm the one that's smoking it.... Do they really not come on the tC?

The mirror may be a dealer installed you can decide anyway...wanted to mention that there are excellent aftermarket autodimming mirrors manufactured by Gentex--which supplies pretty much every major car manufacturer in the world.

Options include map lights, temperature, compass and HomeLink garage door/gate/lighting remotes.

I was looking at them for my xB last night. Found them here:

All the variants are linked in the right hand column.
Well, I've gone ahead and ordered mine but from what I can tell on, the model that comes with the tC DOES have Homelink capabilities.

The link you gave had a mirror with Homelink for $258.97, so I feel pretty good about getting mine from the dealer, so warranty isn't a question.

Thanks for the great link!

Yeah, I think I'm going to buy the basic autodimming model for like $99. I need something bigger than the mirror that comes on the xB...I sit so far back (height = 6'4") that my view around the edges leaves a bit to be desired.

I miss the HomeLink that I had/have on my 4Motion Passat and Volvo's but then I realized...I really only use it as a garage door opener--and for like $15 I could get a nice, tiny, cool looking one that would do the trick.
The tC dealer-installed Auto-Dim mirrow comes as follows:

3 Homelink Memory settings
Map Light

There is no compass as of yet. for me! (I can do without a compass, but the map lights are a necessity.)

Thanks for letting me know! :)
I should make a correctiong to my above statement. The mirror that comes from Toyota does NOT have a temperature gauge on it. The temp gauge is built into the head unit (where the clock is). Sorry for the confusion.

It has 3 buttons for Homelink.
1 button for a kickass map light.
1 button to toggle auto-dimming on/off.

Sorry about that.
Scion tC Auto-Dimming Mirror

Just wanted to let you know that i've read the thread and i am very impressed with how informative you've all been with your findings as well asw with your enthusiasm for the Scion products.

In particular, your interests with the Autodimming mirror gained my attention. My company manufactures the mirror, and I am very happy to hear that you think the new lights in it are kick-ass.

For those that aren't fully aware of the lighting function, here's a little more detail:

* It has White light LED map lights that are very bright, conveniently located to not disturb you during driving compared with lights in the overhead or I/P

* Since it is an LED technology, the lights don't burn out every couple years. Much more durable and long-lasting compared to incadescent.

* At nighttime, you can select a dimmed- down variety of colors for "mood" lighting - or perhaps better described as an ambient light for the car. This lighting scheme fits in well with Scion's other lighting options - backlit radio display, cupholder, foot pedal lighting, etc...
* You can choose a cool Blue, a warm Amber or a soft White.
* Or, check out the automatic color rotation mode.
* The lights come on automatically when the mirror senses nighttime. But if you don't like them, you can easily shut them off until you want them back on.

Keep a watch for similar mirrors available in the xA and possibly in the xB.
Glad you like your Scions and really glad you like the mirror!
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So robEC...

You work for Gentex? or some other OEM supplier?

In this forum we have discussed both the Scion factory mirror for the tC as well as aftermarket versions. Is the Scion factory version the one which you're speaking of that has the 3-color lighting, etc....?? Or are these factory mirrors the same as the aftermarket ones I linked to?

Do the aftermarket versions have the same features or are we talking about a totally different animal?

Thanks for clarifying.
The tC autodimming mirror does indeed have the 3 colors for ambient lighting. We have ours set to blue, and I love it.

Scion EC Mirrors


These mirrors are either Port or Dealer installed. The factory only offers the basic prism mirror. Be careful to distinguish between aftermarket and accessory, though. These are done through Toyota and guaranteed to meet OEM specifications, etc... they are not aftermarket.

There are aftermarket auto-dimming mirrors available, but be sure that the manufacturer is Gentex so that you know what you're getting. We are an OEM supplier, primarily, and so our mirrors are all OEM grade. In the case of Scion, as an accessory, we're just able to jazz it up a bit with the colored lights for a consumer that will appreciate that feature more.
For the aftermarket, we recommend Mito Corporation - they carry only Gentex EC Mirrors and they have a lot of other "cool stuff". Check them out "".

Also, anyone that has an xA should know they now offer the same mirror as the tC - the one with colored maplights. Or, Toyota now offers our auto-dimming mirror with Compass and standard maplights (still LED, but only white - and no Homelink).
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i have a dim/temp/compass mirror on my 97 camry (OEM toyota accessory). Honestly, we love the temp/compass part of it. I used to like the dim feature on it..but when it got my rear windows tinted (limo tint) the dimming feature hardly works - maybe it does..but there is hardly a noticible change. Since you have already bought it...too late..i would recommend a tint job versus a dimming mirror!
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