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Well, I was reading Ratko's guide on sticking a manual transmission into his car, along with a lot of people reccomending the E153 transmission...

Intrigued by the possibilities of a 5SFE I may not swap to a 3SGTE anymore (though I may still in the future) but in the meantime I want to swap out the transmission to a manual, one that could handle the 3SGTE if I put in, or would even handle the 5SFE turboed... and would get rid of my annoying auto problems (gets mildly stuck between gears, I think it's the store/stall (unsure of exact name) convertor or something.

Well... The E153 transmission is off the V6 Camry right... will this work fine on my I4?

What about the manual transmissions off I4 Camry's from the same generation? I take it they are not as strong...

And finally, living in Australia, could someone point me in the direction of some parts sites or something where I might be able to find the E153! It seems quite rare over here, as Terrastrife mentioned to me in a previous thread... I take it ringing up the wreckers might be in store...

On a side note, were all V6 Camrys from that era "vientas" in Australia? Would that knowledge assist me in my search for an E153 and would VIentas have the same gearbox as the American version?

Sorry about all the dumb questions, just making sure.
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