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Automatic Transmission fluid change

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Can anyone tell me the correct process for changing the automatic transmission fluid on a 2002 Toyota Corolla. I can not see a drain plug so do I have to take the whole pan off? Do I need a new gasket or does it have to be glued back on? If it is glued, how do I remove the pan and what glue do I use to put the pan back on? Is there a filter that needs to be changed?
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There is some step by steps on this forum just use the search button. But the best way is to pay a shop to do a 100% transmission fluid exchange using a flush machine. At least every 30k. I do it every 15k.
It is quite expensive in Australia to get a shop to do the tranny service. My main worry was that there is no drain plug like on a Honda and if you take the transmission pan off that has been stuck on with glue, you undoubtedly kink it and then when you put it back on it will probably leak! Can anyone help out cos the older models had a gasket, but these new models 1.8L DOHC (1ZZ-FE) MFI look like they use glue???
Can someone please help me out here!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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