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Autovations is back again! If you haven’t heard it’s the biggest, baddest car show in MN. This year there’s a lot of new stuff: B-boyz break dance competition, battle zones, skimp cat walk fashion show, a Playstation gaming center and tons more.

Vehicle registration is only $45 this year, and Sport Bike registration is only $25! Admission is down to $16 at the door or $15 with a flyer. So get your rides ready because vehicle registration will sell out.

2004 sponsors are VIS Racing, ADR Wheels, Tsudo, Drag Wheels, Cuzo, and GenX Wheels.

Don’t miss the only indoor lights out car show event with a nightclub atmosphere.

To help promote please call Ben at 612.532.8028
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so what's the deal with eveyone? is anyone going to autovations or what's the deal?
Sorry, I don't check this section much. And there aren't many MN members.

Well... I might be able to win, if I am the only Toyota to enter :lol:

I don't think I will be entering, but I might come to check it out. Depends, I think I have a rally-x that day. I'll have to check.
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