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Auxiliary Driving Lights?

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I just purchased an 09 HiHy limited, and was wondering if anyone on here had installed auxiliary driving lights on their HiHy? I'm not intereseted in installing a bull bar or other bumper impediment, but was pondering installing a set of driving lights on the front bumper.

I do a great deal of late night driving on back, windy, wooded roads and have always used a set of auxiliary lamps to help me pick out suicidal deer before we meet. On my previous truck, I had a set of Hella 100w driving lights mounted behind the grill, wired to come on with the high beams. Anyone have a suggestion on Hihy lights?
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I haven't heard or read of anyone installing lights without a bull/bush bar already installed. Have you considered installing these lights in place of your fog lights? Don't know if it'll help much, but you might look at this thread in the 08+ Highlander forum for perhaps some ideas. Dunno.

BTW, :welcome: to Toyota Nation!

Yes, I had looked at that one, but thanks for the post.

In my experience, Bull bars rust out, ruin the aerodynamics, etc. I'm not so down with a bull bar.
Okay, cool, it was worth a try. You might posting to that forum though if for no other reason than the numbers of people who read that forum and might be able to kick around some ideas or experiences.

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