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Hey all,

Sorry I'm a little late in posting up about me and my vehicle, but I didn't pause to read the "rules" first. Forgive me.

As of about a week and a half ago, I now own a 2000 Avalon XLS. Every option. Bone stock, for now. Don't know what I'll do to it; hence my coming to this forum. Hoping you experts can put me on the right track. I'm not looking to make the car much more than what it is, but at some point in time, I wouldn't mind upsizing the wheels to a set of 17's or possibly cannibalize a Lexus for a set of its rims. Don't know that I've found a set that I like, although I have heard that the stockers from an IS300 will fit my car, and I'd imagine that one of you guys has already pulled this off. If you've got pictures, I'd like to see them.

On the motor side, I doubt I'll do too much. A filter, some good plugs, synthetic fluids, etc., but I don't think I'll try and ram a charger underneath the hood (although from what I've heard, there's a charger for the 3.0 V6...I'd imagine it's a pretty tight squeeze for an already stuffed engine compartment).

Basically, I got sick of my 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT. Lifted, no motor mods, and I had a hard time justifying putting $58/tank in it every week when I was basically just commuting to work. My wife drives an Expedition and the gas was killing us, even out here in middle America.

I'm really happy with the car, and at some point in time, I'll get some pictures of it and post them to this thread. Nothing special to differentiate me from the rest of you guys, but the Avalon isn't too common out here in Iowa. Most of the folks in my neighborhood are driving Escalades and assorted other Cadillacs, or 5/7-Series BMWs. I like to think of my Avalon as a poor man's Lexus.

Sorry about the lengthy intro. Pictures to come soon.
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