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Avalon question

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Hey everyone, new to the site. From New York, NY. Own a Black 1999 Toyota Avalon 115k miles. Hate for the first post to be a question, but it's nagging me. First off, since I bought the car(used)when releasing the brake not much initial acceleration- in fact very little if any, up until I hit the accelerator-then i'm off. In fact, if I were going just a bit uphill without pressing the accelerator my car would come to a complete stop, and would roll back a bit... while others are moving forward...
Second, last week my check engine light came on. I've read how it can be an O2 sensor vs. loose gas cap. Any ideas/suggestions? Where/how can I get a low cost diagnosis? Is autozone's computer diagnosis free/accurate? Should I have the dealership repair it?
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If I remember right, fixing an O2 sensor is relatively simply. Check out Autozone and pick up a Hayne's or Chilton's manual, it should be in there. I believe they can also pull the code and confirm your findings for free, might want to call them. As for the brake problem, I'm not sure. I don't think that would make me too comfortable with my car.... good luck!
Autozone is FREE....also in your acceleration...sound like you need your throttle body cleaned...Just spray a bottle of tb cleaner in your intake and use the fuel injection clealer (concentrate) in your PREMIUM filled gas tank. You can go back to reg. gas after that tanks over. and WELCOME!

Thanks guys your helps appreciated. To update, it now seems that when I stop at a light etc. my rpm drops a little, enough to make the once smooth engine rattle a little-only noticeable by small vibrations in the car which disappear if I accelerate a little, bringing up my rpm. In addition, I went to autozone and received the following error code:
p1135-manufacturing control fuel air metering; pedal position sensor A circuit intermittent.
I've yet to clean the throttle as I've never done it before(although I do my own tuneups and break changes etc).
Any suggestions? Thanks
I would probably call the dealer and some independent shops about the error codes and possible solutions. From what I've read on TN, get some carb cleaner and spray the intake manifold. Just do a search on it, as I'm sure I've left out some detail......
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