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Avic D3 Wiring Install Questions

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So i'm installing an Avic D3 into my 2001 Tacoma. I'm going to be hooking up an amp as well.

My questions are what wire do i use for the remote turn on for the amp? there is a blue wire out of the factor harness labeled Power Antenna and there is a blue wire out of the Avic D3 harness labeled Antenna control. It would make since to me that it would need to be the one out of the Avic so the amps turn on when the Avic Unit is turned on, but Antenna Control doesn't seem like the correct labeling. What am i missing here? Also if I use the Avic Lead for Antenna control to turn on the Amp then what does the Power Antenna Lead out of the factory harness hook up to? Nothing?

Also the only illumination wire out of the factor harness is labeled Dimmer (Orange/White) do i connect that to the orange/white wire out of the Avic labeled Illuimanation? I just wanted to make sure on this one.

Next is did you guys that hooked up nav units in Trucks run your Reverse Gear Signal(Purple/white lead) all the way to your reverse lights? Is there a better spot in the Tacoma in the dash?

Last where does the Car speed signal input(pink lead) go on a 2001 tacoma? I know it hooks up to the same thing the cruise control uses but I just thought i would ask before i go looking around under the dash.
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Use the blue wire with white stripe for amp turn on. If you're not sure about the dimmer/illumination, just tape them both off as they're probably not the right ones. I've only ever hooked up the reverse wire to the rear reverse light but then again I've only had to do it for sedans and coupes. If you're not using a rear view cam, don't even worry about it. Car speed input goes to your VSS wire. You'll have to look that up because I don't know off hand what wire it is although it's usually found on the back of the dash cluster.
Check out Great site. You can search for vehicle wiring posts.
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