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Everyone from Sales people to new care managers to the service department. I bought a 2006 Tacoma there a while ago and was given a crock of crap in promises and commitments that were not honored. I had to write a letter to the Va State Police Vehicle Inspection department complaining about a brake issue, that the service advisor said to me " Just give them time to break thenselves in ". My compaint was the fact that the pedal pressure needed to apply the brakes was becoming noticeable harder to get the vehicle to stop. UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! I had the truck less than 1 week. Denbigh Toyota is not trustworthy to say the least. I wold not go back there if they offered me 50% off next purchase.

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I agree 100%, Denbigh Toyota is not the place to go for service or sales.

After two years (2002-2004) of getting my '00 Tacoma serviced I finally stopped going there after complaining of poor quality repairs and getting no satisfaction or resolve.

In a moment of weakness (the new Tundra roll out) I went and looked at a single cab 07 Tundra that I had researched on the internet. Imagine my suprise when the salesman told me that Toyota didn't equip the single cab with my specs and that the website was wrong. He was quick to offer to show me other Tundra's though. No thanks!

A week later I bought the single cab Tundra - the way I wanted it equipped - less than 25 miles away at another Toyota dealer.

Poor service, greedy/uninformed sales staff - hard to believe Denbigh is still in business.
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