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Hi, fellow AW11 guy. I got a heavily modified '88 SC. You name it I got it (with a car like the AW11 with hard to find parts...thats not saying much)

Body stripped and repainted Super White

New front and rear bumpers and valance

Most body and window mouldings relaced with new Toyota OEM pieces

New windshield and rear glass

New rear clear visor

Carbon fiber hood

New OEM Tailight assembly from Toyota Factory

All rubber seals for windows, T-Tops and doors new from Toyota

Sparco "Milano" blue suede racing seats complete with 4 point harnesses

Sparco Steering wheel Sparco Short shifter and pedals

New complete center console and arm rest

New floor mats custom embroidered "Supercharged"

Chrome Fire Extinguisher

Sony CD/Infinity Kappa speakers

Higher duration cams

Engine dissassembled, bored .50mm over and reassembled with new OEM pistons/Rings, fully balanced (by Toyota in Atlanta)

Head resurfaced

New TRD valve springs

New Timing Belt.

New water and oil pumps

JDM supercharger

Cusco Supercharger pulley and belt Cusco strut braces front and rear (15psi)

New axle shafts

New rack and pinion steering assembly (non-power steering)

New OEM engine mounts

New wheel bearings on all 4 wheels

TRD stainless steel brake lines Brembo Xdrilled rotors

Tokico 5 way adjustable shocks with TRD springs (1" lower) and bushings.

New wheel well inserts

TRD Fuel pressure regulator

Autometer boost gauge

Secondary Tachometer

TRD clutch

TRD Header

HKS exhaust

HKS intake

Konig 17" rims

Nology Hot Wires

Iridium Spark Plugs

Alpine Amplifier

Check here pictures:

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interesting car.... sad thing is i can probably make a list that long (or not longer) for my ae92 "sr5"...... the aw11 scene kinda just fell on me.... first aw11 was my red 86 which i paid $200 for.... had no interior, so i finished stripping it, then turned around and sold it for $700...... used that money to buy a 4a-gze (ae101, 10psi stock pulley, 8.9:1, E series tranny with LSD, found TRD motormounts and TRD 3-puck clutch and pressure plate with lightened flywheel) for the 87 aw11 i had previously boughten for $100 (body in much better shape... both cars are hardtops, and the 87 has full interior which is nearly mint condition).

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Sorry jason, i live past sanfrancisco, and theres no way im spendin five hours down I-5 with that suspension. :lol:

mofaukanbtch said:
extremely clean car 4agze how'd you get your engine looking like that?
I use a compound called "GUNK Degreaser" you spray it on, wait a while, then wash it off. It works really well.

Whenever you find some spot that just will not come off, i used a power drill with one of the softer dremmel tool attachments, not the white ones, the black ones with what i could only describe as 'hair'. Make absolutely sure not to get anything that electricity will touch wet, and even so, let the engine dry for a while before you start it up.
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