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What a wonderful forum!
Speaks well of the type of people and personalities that own Toyotas!
First Toyota owned...was an 85 Corolla SR5.
What a sporty little ride for it's time!
Only problem I ever had was a bad spark igniter...on recall/free fix!

Currently own a '94 Corolla LE, '99 Corolla LE, '03 Corolla LE.
'94 Ranger Sport Flare Slide (sorry,it's a great truck).

Got to admit it...just something about a good dependable car that keeps me coming back...and completely unable to part to part with.

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'79 yota 4x4
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welcome!....ya im new to toyotas.....but after rebuilding mine and enjoying it even more every day and drivin my grandpas tundra......dont think ther are better or more fun vehicles out there!
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