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axle nut won't break loose, ideas?

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I can't get the axle nut on the driver's side to break loose. The passenger side was no problem. I've got a 30mm axle nut socket on an 18" Armstrong breaker bar with 2 feet of pipe over the handle and it won't budge. I've got enough torque when I stand on it to actually turn the wheel sitting flat on my garage floor. Anybody got any ideas?
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I used an even longer pipe for a mazda, but not standing on it, I gently lifted the pipe till it cracked loose (my pipe is a piece of 1" E class thick walled electrical conduit), so it is somewhat softer than gas pipe and will flex and bend as you load it.
Longer pipe maybe. If that doesnt work there arent many more options. You could drive down to your local tire store and see if they can hit it real quick with an 1/2"impact. Then tighten it back up to drive home.
I used a 1/2" Impact to break mine loose ^_^ Lol, did quick work of it too, Hurt my wrists tho ;_;
get a longer pipe, and keep soaking it with good ol WD40. the knucklehead mechanic that last replaced it may have blasted it on way too tight.
I moved up to a 5' pipe. I think I could break it if the tire wouldn't spin when I lean on it really hard. I can pull the whole car forward on the garage floor a couple inches with my 250 lb of body weight (what's that, 1250 ft lb of torque?). I tried brake cleaner on the threads to get any dirt out of the thread. I might have to try some WD-40 or something and see if that helps. Car isn't driveable at the moment, so taking it to a shop for a 3/4 impact isn't an option today, but I guess that's what I'll do if it comes down to it.

Thanks for all the advice guys!
I've heard that you have to put somebody in the driver seat and have him/her push the brake pedal: that would save you tranny.

One more idea: how about a little tap on the axle (while somebody holding the brake and you jumping on the pipe)?
You need to have someone hold the brakes and use a longer cheater bar. I have the same
problem with the engine dampener bolt. Just keep trying it should break loose.
well, fi you're care IS driveable, then take the longest beraker bar you have, put it on the end of your ratchet and jam the pipe against the ground pointing towards the front of your car

then making sure your socket stays in place, turn on your car, and drive forward, basically using your engine to turn the ratchet

- don't know how safe this really would be....probably not very...but theoretically it would work
Wow, you last two guys definitely win the mad scientist award for auto mechanics!
They do make very good points. I have done the rolling the car forward before when I didnt have an impact or any other way to loosen an axle nut. I used to four wheel and when you are on a trail in the middle of nowhere you come up with some interesting ways to fix stuff.

As for what pgmomni was saying you just put something in between the seat cushion and the brake pedal so you have the brakes applied. You relaly only need this if you dont ahve someone to help you.

ONe question I have is. do you have the wheel on teh ground or is it jacked up. IF it is jacked up then you may want to lower it. I didnt get a good understanding in your previous posts.
Take the tire off and grab a screw driver. Jam it in one of the groves on the side edge of your rotors. This will completely jam it by locking it to the brake caliper. After that feel free to jump on and body slam that pipe. This worked for me with my axle disasters.
I used a bunch of WD40 and my 10 foot breaker bar "the beast" I have never found a fastner it coulnt either loosen or snap off. Also always lift up not push down. When lifting up you can put a jack under the breaker bar and literally lift the car off the ground before the wheel will spin. If that wont break it loose then God hates you :)
Just go out and buy an air compressor,3/4 air impact,complete set of impact sockets, new tool box etc.:D :D You know you want to!:lol:

Sometimes it helps to try and TIGHTEN the bolt - unsticks it and helps to loosen it aftewards.
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If its that stuck, best to get it done at a professional just in case you end up in a really bad position. IMHO.
Drive to an auto shop and ask them if they can loosen it for you.
Then just tighten it so you can easily loosen it when you get home.
Come on guys, quit it with your 10 feets extensions, you're just going to break the head off your breaker bar or ratchet. Just heat up the nut with a little propane torch! Then torque it off, with someone on the brakes, car running for 3x the brake power.
im lazy and wouldnt even f with all that junk, go to the junk yard get a new/used spindle and every thing shouldnt cost you more than $30 and you are set
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