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ok, heres me...03 Tacoma and 73 corona..worked on both engines and trannys and various other stuff but have never worked on the rearend on either..just rebuilt my rearend in my elcamino...easy... but never on the Toyotas...GM: remove rear facing cover..take out C-clips..remove axles...Toyota: front facing nuts..i figured, remove them and pull out the housing along with pinion, then remove axles...but no! saw a video about removing the axles on Toyotas and the 4 nuts at the brake plate come off and pull the whole axle w/ plate off as one assembly....but no! doesn't come off either...:help::dunno:

I gotta replace the wheel bearings and cant figure out how to take the darn axle off on my 73 corona, any guidance..this is also posted in the truck section and thought all early model rearends would be the same so that's why I posted there as well..thanks all!
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