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Does anyone know any good places that I could find some axles for a '93 Tercel? I think that it's the Dynamic Damper on the half shaft that is broken. The car drives fine but when I was changing my oil the last time I could see that there was a black "donut" looking ring that had separated from the shaft and was just swinging on it. So I think I'm just gonna go ahead and buy some new axles 'cause the ones I have are the originals. So if anyone has any suggestions on places I could get these at that would be great.
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The same thing happened on mine day i just got tired of hearing it so wrapped it black electrical tape worked!!!!! its been about 2 or 3 years and its.....still there. To answer you could an online site? maybe cheaper:dunno: :dunno:
I hear this is a pretty common thing actually, and a lot of people just cut that ring off and dont have any problems.
it's a vibration damper, and you may feel like a wheel out-of-balance feel because of it at a certain speed, around 40, depends, if there not clicking , shouldn't worry about it too much, cut it if you like, make a necklace...
Thanks for the advice and comments. I was thinking more of a bracelet rather than a necklace. ;)
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