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hey. whats going on? well, for those of you who have been here since, oh, lets say 2 years ago, you might remember me. so, a lot has changed, but my car really hasnt. ive been driven back due to my boredom (it sucks being on winter break). for those of you who dont remember me, my name is pat, although i go by many other names. i drive my white 1992 toyota camry which has since rolled beyond the 210000 mark and still has a lot of life left. cai's, catback's, and many exterior mods are basically all my car has. since ive been on the forums, ive added amps and subs, changed some interior things. my car broke down a few months ago (6) and got figured the problem to be dealing with my ignition system. so, threw the old one away and got all the new wires, plugs, and distributor...

but yeah. im back and i dont mean to be egotistical. but, i really did miss writing in the forums and having them eat up a substantial amount of my time.

i have less time now, mainly because of school. im now a sohpmore at University of Delaware majoring in mechanical engineering.(oh, its fun). thats partly the reason for my falling out. so yeah, leave some love here, or send me a message or whatever. it feels good to be back!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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