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back bumper repair?

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Hi, last night I crunched in the rear corner bumper of my new 09 matrix pulling out of a parking garage (sigh). Can anyone give me an idea of replacement /repair costs?

I'm in Canada if that makes a difference to cost I'm not sure. Thanks!
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How bad is it? if it's just a small area with no lights or anything broken then maybe it can be patched up and sprayed. In which case I doubt it will be terribly expensive.

You might want to swing by a body shop and ask for an estimate, then you can decide if you are going to get your insurance company involved and just pay the deductable....or pay for the repair out of pocket
Thanks for your quick reply!

Luckily no lights are broken. I'll shop around for a couple quotes. The first dent is always the hardest!
Do you have some pics? it will be easier to tell you with pics haha. Damn Matrix and their blind spots...
Well I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it isn't too bad. :sosad:

I had some hail damage repaired a while back and it was about $1k so I used my insurance.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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