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Fastest surprise:

94_rolla_guy, his girl, and her father all caught up to me within minutes of me entering the show. :eek: :hi:

Biggest "I thought so":

10th gen Corolla, new Matrix = ZRE142
Matrix XRS = AZE146
Matrix XR w/ 2.4 = AZE141

More chassis codes:
Yaris hatch = NCP91
Yaris sedan = NCP93
Lexus IS-F = USE20

Saddest scene of the show:

2008 Corolla CE, 2T1BR32EX8C860661, lived for only a short 4000km then ended up at this well known boneyard in T.O. :eek:wned: :sosad:

Need I say more when I say cops are always out to get you?

They're evil! :lol:

Biggest :wtf:

* A Chevy Uplander on display *

I thought GM totally left the minivan market, conceding it all to Chrysler?

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Even though this doesn't REALLY belong here, I figure a nice, (accurate), reference for model codes since you brought it up, lol. Here is the list of all Toyota/Lexus/Scion current models (2008/2009 depending on what is currently out).

4Runner V6 2WD = GRN210 (1GR-FE)
4Runner V6 4WD = GRN215 (1GR-FE)
4Runner V8 2WD = UZN210 (2UZ-FE)
4Runner V8 4WD = UZN215 (2UZ-FE)

Avalon = GSX30 (2GR-FE)

Camry I4 = ACV40 (2AZ-FE)
Camry V6 = GSV40 (2GR-FE)
Camry Hybrid = AHV40 (2AZ-FXE)

Corolla 1.8L = ZRE142 (2ZR-FE)
Corolla 2.4L = AZE141 (2AZ-FE)

FJ Cruiser 2WD = GSJ10 (1GR-FE)
FJ Cruiser 4WD = GSJ15 (1GR-FE)

Highlander 2WD = GSU40 (2GR-FE)
Highlander 4WD = GSU45 (2GR-FE)
Highlander Hybrid = MHU48 (3MZ-FE)

Land Cruiser = URJ200 (3UR-FE)

Matrix 1.8L = ZRE142 (2ZR-FE)
Matrix 2.4L FWD = AZE141 (2AZ-FE)
Matrix 2.4L AWD = AZE144 (2AZ-FE)
Matrix XRS = AZE146 (2AZ-FE)

Prius = NHW20 (1NZ-FXE)

RAV4 I4 2WD = ACA38 (2AZ-FE)
RAV4 I4 4WD = ACA33 (2AZ-FE)
RAV4 V6 2WD = GSA38 (2GR-FE)
RAV4 V6 4WD = GSA33 (2GR-FE)

Sequoia 4.7L 2WD = UCK60 (2UZ-FE)
Sequoia 4.7L 4WD = UCK65 (2UZ-FE)
Sequoia 5.7L 2WD = USK60 (3UR-FE)
Sequoia 5.7L 4WD = USK65 (3UR-FE)

Sienna Van 2WD = GSL23 (2GR-FE)
Sienna Wagon 2WD = GSL20 (2GR-FE)
Sienna Wagon 4WD = GSL25 (2GR-FE)

Solara I4 = ACV30 (2AZ-FE)
Solara V6 = MCV31 (3MZ-FE)

Tacoma I4 2WD Short Wheelbase = TRN220 (2TR-FE)
Tacoma I4 2WD Long Wheelbase = TRN225 (2TR-FE)
Tacoma I4 4WD Short Wheelbase = TRN240 (2TR-FE)
Tacoma I4 4WD Long Wheelbase = TRN245 (2TR-FE)
Tacoma I4 2WD PreRunner Short Wheelbase = TRN260 (2TR-FE)
Tacoma I4 2WD PreRunner Long Wheelbase = TRN265 (2TR-FE)
Tacoma V6 2WD X-Runner = GRN225 (1GR-FE)
Tacoma V6 4WD Long Wheelbase = GRN245 (1GR-FE)
Tacoma V6 4WD Super-Long Wheelbase = GRN250 (1GR-FE)
Tacoma V6 2WD PreRunner Long Wheelbase = GRN265 (1GR-FE)
Tacoma V6 2WD PreRunner Super-Long Wheelbase = GRN270 (1GR-FE)

Tundra V6 2WD 3220mm Wheelbase = GSK50 (1GR-FE)
Tundra V6 2WD 3700mm Wheelbase = GSK51 (1GR-FE)
Tundra 4.7L 2WD 3220mm Wheelbase = UCK50 (2UZ-FE)
Tundra 4.7L 2WD 3700mm Wheelbase = UCK51 (2UZ-FE)
Tundra 4.7L 2WD 4180mm Wheelbase = UCK52 (2UZ-FE)
Tundra 5.7L 2WD 3220mm Wheelbase = USK50 (3UR-FE)
Tundra 5.7L 2WD 3700mm Wheelbase = USK51 (3UR-FE)
Tundra 5.7L 2WD 4180mm Wheelbase = USK52 (3UR-FE)
Tundra 4.7L 4WD 3220mm Wheelbase = UCK55 (2UZ-FE)
Tundra 4.7L 4WD 3700mm Wheelbase = UCK56 (2UZ-FE)
Tundra 4.7L 4WD 4180mm Wheelbase = UCK57 (2UZ-FE)
Tundra 5.7L 4WD 3220mm Wheelbase = USK55 (3UR-FE)
Tundra 5.7L 4WD 3700mm Wheelbase = USK56 (3UR-FE)
Tundra 5.7L 4WD 4180mm Wheelbase = USK57 (3UR-FE)

Yaris Hatchback = NCP91 (1NZ-FE)
Yaris Sedan = NCP93 (1NZ-FE)

Scion tC = ANT10 (2AZ-FE)
Scion xB = AZE151 (2AZ-FE)
Scion xD = ZSP110 (2ZR-FE)

Lexus ES350 = GSV40 (2GR-FE)

Lexus GS350 RWD = GRS191 (2GR-FSE)
Lexus GS350 AWD = GRS196 (2GR-FSE)
Lexus GS450 = URS190 (1UR-FSE)
Lexus GS450h = GWS191 (2GR-FSE)

Lexus GX470 = UZJ120 (2UZ-FE)

Lexus IS250 RWD = GSE20 (4GR-FSE)
Lexus IS250 AWD = GSE25 (4GR-FSE)
Lexus IS350 = GSE21 (2GR-FSE)
Lexus IS-F = USE20 (2UR-GSE)

Lexus LS460 = USF40 (1UR-FSE)
Lexus LS460L = USF41 (1UR-FSE)
Lexus LS600hL = UVF46 (2UR-FSE)

Lexus LX570 = URJ201 (3UR-FE)

Lexus RX350 2WD = GSU30 (2GR-FE)
Lexus RX350 4WD = GSU35 (2GR-FE)
Lexus RX400h 2WD = MHU33 (3MZ-FE)
Lexus RX400h 4WD = MHU38 (3MZ-FE)

Lexus SC430 = UZZ40 (3UZ-FE)

Wow... that took longer than I thought it would.

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