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Back On The Road Again... *56k*

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so, after the brand new clutch was installed, i snapped a shifter cable a few weeks afterwards. unknowingly, at first, the parts i needed were discontinued, and came at a premium price, ie. $280 & $310+tx respectively. i would have prefered new parts, but i was able to source out a parts car for a fraction of the cost, and Oliver & i went to work :cool: took us a couple of hours to remove, but it was really fun :) Big-Ups to Oliver (Oreo) for all his work, and LJ Auto Performance, again for guiding me along the way :cool:

more pics here:

these were the cables that needed to be replaced:

and here is our beautiful & respected parts car :cool:

funny centrecap in the parts bin, lol

PITA to get to them, had to rip apart the car and through the firewall

new shiftercables


the Maxima also went in for surgery, and got a heart transplant:
OUT: 92 SE +300, 000km
IN: 94 3.0L V6, only 70, 000km
$1200cdn through LJ AP.

ouch, missing something

new heart :cool:

the engine smoked up white at first, and smelled like it was mixing coolant, but after clearing it out a bit and adjusting some sensors, loose ends and a few other things, she is breathing healthy once again :cool: feels good to be back in the driver's seat, i didn't enjoy being without my car very much, but i didn't mind seeing all the hot lil chickies on the bus :p:
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glad to see she's running again hun :)
thanks babe, *hugs* next time i'm down south, i'll have my car this time, lol :p:
Sweet, those cable connections are ready for some speedsource brass bushings now:thumbup:
sleepy said:
thanks babe, *hugs* next time i'm down south, i'll have my car this time, lol :p:


when ya comin back down?

oh yeah...and you realize, when you do, D and i will have our own place....if we have a 2 bedroom, the second room will be open to you at any time...otherwise, it's the couch for ya:p:
Hands off the ae92 banana Phi!! you're not worth it!! :lol:

props sleepy!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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