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Back-Up Sensor Kits

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Anyone know where to buy these kits in Toronto, or at least in Canada? I want to install one in my dad's Camry. Basically, I expect to hear a beeping noise in the cabin, which gets progressively faster when you reverse closer to an object. (if it's good, I wanna install one in my car too. :eek:: )

Does anyone have one installed?
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all the ones i know of have come stock with the car:confused: never seen the kit before
check places like wal-mart and those typem of stores... also any auto parts place like autozone or pepboys should have them
there are many different some kit has 1 sensor while other has 4 sensors....some have just beeping sound while other has an led screen show how many feet you left.......also so of them require drilling hole on your bumper cover and other just hide inside the bumper cover......

example: i of my friend have a kit (with 3 sensor, beeping warning and lcd screen show how many distance left, and drill hole on the bumper type) installed in his 03 accord sedan from my other friend's garage in thronhill for roughly $250

another example: just get a quote from hong kong for a complete set of Toyota OEM parking sensor kit (dealer accessories in Japan, with 6 sensors, 2 on the front bumper and 4 on the back, with beeping sound warning and screen for showing which sensor sense obstacle) for my 2001 prius for almost CAD$1000! (OUCH!)
check ebay, i think they have then for 65 bucks...for 4 colored sensors
ebay has em, there ok factory ones are better

my aunt has it in her mountainer, i drove it its real cool, lets you no exactly how much room you have determined by the speed of the beeping
i got a set on the gmc safari van...

it is nice and all, but i feel it is a little "off" in judgements, it beeps about hitting a curb, but sometimes it misses a big brick wall... i am not sure how their sensors point/what they are looking for
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