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back window reinforcement

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hey everybody, im gonna need some help on this 1. i need to somehow reinforce my back window and i need the measrements of the back wndow on my 94" toyota tercel. im gonna need to either reinforce my back window some how or put plexi glass in there because of my new addition to my stereo. any1 have any problems like this??? whats the best way to handle this??? any1 have any experiences, cause im probably gonna need to do something very soon.

P.S. i had to pull my backseat out and cut the lip of the top in order to make this fit in my trunk. :)
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so your beat's rumbling the window's off? have you dynomatted the car? you can also try reinsulating the windows. for a bit more absorbtion..

maybe you have too much beat?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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