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so i was at a party and gave some kids money to get me some cigs right? well i guess when he was backing up he hit my driver side read bumper. good things hes a good kid and came back to give me my cigs and all his info.

it made a few scratches and also moved my bumper a little too. but little does he know i already had a dent on my passenger side read bumber from my GF backing up my car into a black pole :D. so in general i get a new fixed bumper for free.

took it to toyota and they said ordering the bumper would be 300 and then with labor around 700 which is wtf for a bumper? so i took it to my dads friends shop and said itll be 500 if i do it there. godo thing for the kid im going through my dads place

ill post up pics soon.

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yeah dood, the back bumper repainting is about 700-800 bucks at dealership and that is without dents. mine was quoted that amount when there was a 2 inch paint scrapped into the bumper as well as the entire back bumper being scratched

if it's not a stranger and a good kid, +1 for saving the poor kid some money rofls
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