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backup camera recommendations for 2006 matrix or vibe?

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I am looking for something with simple install and use a replacement mirror (not the clip on types) and not a dash/windshield mount type monitor. I have researched a lot it seems, but all have unique issues of their own.

Any of you matrix/vibe guys have suggestions or tried something you liked? Too bad the reverse lights or not in the liftback hatch (I have the 4 door lift back)...sure would make the wiring install easier!
thanks ahead of time for your thought...kelly
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I don't think it's going to be a simple install. The difficult area is going to be the location and mounting of your rear camera in the hatch. I removed the rear hatch plastic cover and looked and decided one would have to drill a hole in the hatch. At that point I gave up.

If you or anyone completes a succesful camera mounting in the lift hatch please update this thread.
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