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Backup Lights poor and replacement Bulbs

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I have come to the quick realization that the backup lights on my '94 4Runner leave a lot to be desired.

I have the Performance Products catalog for my 4Runner but am confused with all the choices for bulb replacements...should I get the LED bulb which gives "greater visibility" and is not as hot as original bulbs? or should I get Halogen Backup bulbs..."ultra-brite 50-watt"? or get OEM Toy bulbs (dingy yellow light)?
Or should I consider purchasing new KC backup lights (55-watt) to mount low?

I remember my husband's halogen replacement bulbs for his Ford didn't do the trick...

All I wanna do is be able to see before I hit anything in the driveway or in a parking lot at night!!

Any suggestions?
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If you think your factory backup lights are poor, don't even bother trying the LED replacement bulbs. The current LED replacement bulbs out there just put out a fraction of the amount of light compared to a stock bulb.

What you call the "ultra-brite 50-watt" bulbs, I have a pair of those on my truck and they are bright but the extra heat created by them may melt your backup light housing. The backup light sections of my taillights are melted due to the extra heat from the bulbs.

Adding an auxillary set of backup lights will probably be your best solution. I did have a set of auxillary backup lights on my truck but I removed them due to water leaking into them and haven't replaced them yet. Those lights were only cheapie lights that I bought at an Autozone. :D

The factory rear bumper on my 1989 truck does have two holes underneath it and it may be there just for that purpose. They were covered by an aluminum/chrome colored tape to match the chrome bumper. I only noticed them when I was looking for a place to drill underneath my bumper to mount my lights. Looks like Toyota read my mind and did it for me ahead of time. :D

BTW, just wondering, which backup lights do you have? The ones right beside the license plate or the tailgate mounted ones w/the spare tire carrier on the back???
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The lights on my manual '94 4Runner are the ones right next to the license plate. They seem way too high and right in the middle, not dispersing any light at all. On top of that, the plastic lens is not clear but milky so the whole thing is a bust.

I can see that adding another set of lights in back would also help those using a hitch, but right now I don't have anything to tow....

Then what kind of backup lights (brand) might you recommend...or just get headlight kind and mount in back?

Any one else with this problem and your own solution?
Like Menace suggested, the most effective solution would be to install a set of auxillary lights in the rear. Just grab a set from your local automotive store.
Thanks so much are the best!

And what is your opinion of the headlights? If I want to avoid hitting deer, etc., what should I do....(my husband suggests drive slower...)

No, seriously....install new HID lights or wait till they go down in price or the new HID-like halogens or add auxillary lights to the brush guard?

What do you prefer and what in your opinion works best?
I hear good things about painting the inside of the housing silver to better reflect the light. I just went with the cheapest lights I could find at walmart and mounted them to my roof rack. The cheapest lights turned out to be these little oval fog lights for $14 for two. I then wired them up to a switch so that they turn on automatically with the reverse lights, manually on or manually off.

As for deer, get rid of the brush guard, it'll do more damage than good because it gets pushed into the mody panels. Get a real bumper like an ARB or TJM.
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