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Bad Chrome?

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My chrome is bad..i think.

Its kinda hard to explain, I'll try and post some pics later, but anyway, it basically looks like my chrome is about 5 years old allready on a 2 month old truck. I don't know if its something from the road (I live in Denver and its been snowing alot lately) but i did wash my truck frequently to get the road chemicals off. The entire front grill has it and just one corner of my rear bumper has it also. It does not seem like they are chips, but more like something got sprayed on it and stained it. I hand washed my truck yesterday and put alot of elbow grease into it, but it did not come off.

Any Ideas? claybar on chrome?

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They sell chrome polish. It works pretty well. I've used it on old chrome bumpers, and it made em look new. It can even make pitting look a lot less severe.
hey i still remember that mythbusters that tested whether or not Coca Cola will polish chrome. And the crazy thing was it worked, it was easier to use then normal polish. I've never tried it and never will (i have chrome polish and know how to properly use it) but you just pour on the Coke and rub it with crumpled aluminum foil.
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