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Bad Door Lock

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My driver's side door lock will not open with the key sometimes forcing me to go to the passenger door to unlock the car. The problem has gotten worse over the past year. I sprayed PB Blaster in it and it did not help. Can I just swap the two locks out or are they different?
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same problem here driver side door dosent open by key so i have to open from passenger side which sets off the alarm . I was thinking the same if its posible to just swap locks? I can lock the whole car up and activate the alarm frm driver side but just cant open it from driver side.

Peace pple.
I just noticed that the driver's unlocks clockwise while the passenger's unlocks counterclockwise. So I guess it won't work to swap them out.
I found this on ebay:

Anybody know if the cylinders are rekeyable? I would hate to have to change all four locks for one bad one. I can probably by one to replace, but I don't want to use two keys if I can help it.
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For anyone interested:

I took the cylinder out and limeaway soaked and toothbrushed it well. Then I rinsed it, dried it, and sprayed with wd40. It looked and felt great. The key worked smoothly. Then I installed it. Then tried the key. Nope:sosad:

I guess it bit the dust. I'll buy a new set of door locks. I just don't feel like replacing all four at once. I imagine the dealer will want a couple hundred dollars for the set anyway.:disappoin
if it turns off the car but does not turn on the car then the problem more likely is within the latch mechanism.
Hey all long time no see. anyways i have had the same problems what i found was the best thing to do is pull off the whole interior door panel and hose the lock mechanism with wd 40 and if you have power windows also lube the window pulleys and anything else that may need lubrication. These panels are some of the easiest to take off. To get it off just pull or pry the pocket on the panel to get at the screws and the lock buttons just pop off with a flat blade screw driver. All of this is good preventative maintenance for your door components. Hope this helps if you need any more help let me know and i can possibly post pictures.
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