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For anyone that lives in or near the Richmond Hill area... i wouldn't recommend you going to GreenBay Tires for any of your work... i had a very bad experience with them that cost me...

Well yesterday i was thinking about changing back to my winter rims and tires so i can go and rotate my summer tires and maybe paint the rims black... well i don't know what went wrong but the wheel lock nut was too weak or something and a piece of the nut broke off... :shock:
Anyways i have no way to get it off so i tighten the other ones and decide to go to GreenBay Tires today to get it fixed and remove... i thought to myself maybe something is wrong the way i try to loosen the wheel nut so i didn't want to try anything with the others and just let the pros do it with their air guns and stuff... the last time i change back to summer tires i did it a GreenBay Tires... decent price and service so i decide to go back for help...
Well i went and told them what happen to that wheel lock nut that was damaged and they said ok we'll remove them... the wheel lock key was still in good shape nothing was damaged to it... i decided that i wanted all of the wheel key replaced with the regular lockless nuts... they put the wheel key in my other existing non damaged wheel lock nuts and use their air gun to remove the nut... BAM one shot and the other wheel lock nut is broken... i'm like WTF!!... so the manager came and saw what happen talk to the dude and said get the wheel nut remover... so i'm like it's cool i'm going to replace it with the normal lug nuts anyways so kinda relieved... the manager go gets the wheel nut remover tool and the worker goes and works on the other wheel lock nut... he puts the key in the nut and use the gun again... bam bam bam... the nut is still stuck then the manager comes back with the tool and the worker tells him that the impact air gun isn't working... so the manager tell hims to keep banging and try... he does continue and bam bam bam and then BAM another wheel lock nut breaks!!... WTF!! (again)... now i'm worried...
The manager and 1 other worker is working on the broken wheel nut that THEY broke and it takes some time to hammer the tool to the nut... and uses a long torqe wrench and it keeps on slipping so the guy tries and tries for 3-4 times no use... in the mean time the other guy with the second broken wheel lock nut is clueless to what to do so they all decided to work on the other to see if they have any luck... then they use this method to hammer the wheel lock key to the nut and they use the air gun again... BAM the whole fricking nut is stripped and actually the top part is in picese stuck on to the wheel key... i'm starting to worry...
After a while of trying and trying they came to a conclusion that I WENT to someone else for some job and they said my other mechanic tighten the wheel nut too much they estimited more then 200 pounds of force... (but in fact i didn't go do any other job to my car since i change my summer tires)... so i told them my last time was right there with them and what are they bullshitting about... then they go ahead a screw me over by saying we don't go do that tight and we have a 90 pound setting on our air guns so it isn't our fault... i'm like arguing with them for 10min and it wasn't getting anywhere... so i ask them what the hell can i do now... they recommend that i get it to someone that can break the nut... if that doesn't work they will have to torch it out!!... i'm thinking to myself fcuk u guys and went to another place just right beside which they said can do the job... the worker gave me 3 new wheel nut and i left to the other store...
I went in the store beside and asked for help and was told to wait... the fcuking manager from GreenBay Tires have the bullshit nerve to come and ask me to pay for those 3 wheel nuts which 2 of them THEY broke!!... i'm soo fcuking pissed now and i want to punch this guy but my GF hold my back and told me to just pay or i might do something i regret... so i did... $24~
At the other store the manager came and told me that it will be $65 to break 3 wheel nuts and if that doesn't work they will have to torch it out which will cost me $100... well i got nothing against the other place coz they are just doing their job... luckly they were able to break all 3 nuts loose and replace them with regular wheel nuts i bought...
So today i spend $24+$65=$89 for GreenBay Tires' fcuking bullshit service!! I would like to share my experience with all other local people out there... be aware of that place!!

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shouldn't have paid them

they may try to call the police, then just just tell them the whole story

if you have reciepts from the other time you got your wheels changed there, you should may have been able to make them pay...

if it'll make you fell any better....go at night some time, and hammer nails into the inside tire walls of all the cars they've got there.....;)

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^^ ouch! that would really hurt 'em!
I had a bad experience with PIT STOP on yonge and steeles. I should've done that to their M5 that sits outside the store all nite! Yeah rite... i wouldn't have the guts to. But those bunch of **** don't know anything about cars!!!

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The last time those nuts were put on, there should have been some sort of anti-seize sprayed on the threads.

Sucks to hear about your experience, but if nothing has been sprayed on the threads this time, I suggest you take the wheel nuts off and do it.
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