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bad sounds post rebuild

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i did a rebuild on my tercel since it was knocking, it turned out to be a spun bering on cylinder 3.
Rebuild on a 3ee. Head job at local machine shop valves and springs but reusing previous rocker arms and camshaft, cold lash set to .007.
Crank and pistons w/rods reground and inspected by machine shop. New rings/bearings with plastigauge(all with in spec though i dont remember the numbers). new water pump, clutch, belts, idlers.
everything was tightened to torque
i took out the spark plugs and turned the key to get the oil pumping through the system then checked and had oil in the oil filter. spark plugs back in and it didn't start! Turned out the distributer was in backwards so that fixed it started right up and no low oil pressure light.

it is leaking oil out of the front of the valve cover

so what is this sound? i have only had it started for a short amount of time and have not driven it, i am most worried about the rattle on acceleration
The ac belt is not connected, though i don't see that would make a difference
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The distributor is only supposed to fit one way. Did you adjust the valves?
hey guys sorry about the delay and thanks for you replie i really appreciate it. The head was rebuilt by a local machine shop, so they reinstalled the valves, i reused my rocker arms and cam, there was no obvious damage on either. the machine shop did not inspect them though. i did a cold lash of .007 on the rocker arms.
could multiple spun bearings be the reason it sounded to fast?
i am going to pull the oil pan and take a look today i think
i pulled the oil pan and took off the rod bearing caps, no spun rod bearing. i didn't check the main bearings. i am going to pull the valve cover and see if the rocker arms need to be tightened
so i pulled the valve cover and tightened the rocker arms, some seemed loose others were fine. i put a new valve cover gasket on and the oil leak stopped.
it is still making some bad noises. i am assuming that i should not drive it like this. Though if it is a main bearing it is alot of work to get out. the engine has probably be idling around 30min total. so likely if there is a spun main bearing then it has damaged the crank by now.
this is not what the engine should sound like during breaking right?
could it be a broken ring?
new video sounds a little different

is it possible that i just didn't have enough assembly lube on one of the main bearings and it shifted? if so i would think that there is damage to the crankshaft by now so i need a new one. is there any possibility that i wouldn't need a new crank shaft if i had a spun main bearing?
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