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Bad Story

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hi guys im a new driver i have a sad story..........
whene i was 16 i worked all summer for my uncle doing really back breaking work and we had a agreement he was going to give me his 1986 toyota carolla gt-s it was all good and whene the last day came i was so happy he gave me the car so on the drive back frome l.a with my bro we parked the car outside of a jack in the box whene all of a sudden it got rear ended by a drunk driver i was sooooo pissed i didnt even get to drive it yet and it was totald i was sooo sad i called the car "woodstock" frome the snoopy cartoon (charlie brown) cuz it was yello it was sooo nice i wanted to get the 4gzae engine and i wanted to put the jdm body kit's but it's gon now but thankfully my uncle found and bought another one for 1,000 it"s yellow and runs well he's willing to sell to me for 500 dollars its in good shape but the other was better so you can say its a ok outcome lol so what im trying to say is "DONT DRINK AND DRIVE YOU RUIN LIVES" lol im 17 now
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Welcome to TN. Sad to hear about the car and congrats on the second car.

Did you end up bringing the one that got hit home as a parts car? It's easier and cheaper to have a parts car, rather than buying bits and pieces you need for your car from somewhere else.

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no i decided not to sell any parts because although it was in good condition it was rather old and it had way over 100,000 miles so i knew it wouldent be much plus theye towed it away in ontario (outskirts of l.a) and its a 2 houre drive lol so i dont think its worth it the 2nd one has a newer engine so yeah
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