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bad tint job?

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I just got my camry tinted at a shop I use at work quite a bit. It has been 4 days and my tint is not curing. I have dirt specs on several of the windows and white bubbles from the outside literally all over the place, several are noticable from over 6 feet away and they are in a line, think big dipper. Also on the back window when I got up real close I noticed an area 3-4 inches long that is not even attached near the edge. I could grab it and pull half the back window off and there are about 7 cm size bubbles on the bottom of the back window on both sides. I dont want these guys to think im bitching but there is no way this is normal. Its been in direct sunlight and 95 plus degree weather so it should have cured by now. I have tinted several cars and dont even rememeber this going on. My friend got his car done the same day and his looks good. I think this guy rushed mine, he was done in barely an hour. Any suggestions or thoughts.
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Give it a few more days, if it still doesn't cure then go back and tell them to redo it at no cost because you're not satisified with they work
also keep in mind I was charged 200 bucks for this.
take it back. if its a reputable shop that backs their work they will re-do it no problem. the back window will need to be re-done. be sure to point out all the bubbles and dirt. dont wait too long or they may try to say you did something to it. should have cured in 3 days of sunshine. a good tint job will have no bubbles at all. get your moneys worth.
this is a good shop so I will take it back, im sure all will be ok. thanks for the answers. on a positive front I LOVE the Camry SE, amazing to me that people rate the Sonata as a better car. They are not even close IMO.
i wouldnt even wait a few days... bring it back asap and tell them about your concerns see what they tell you and if they say wait a day then do so
same prob here when i got it tinted.
i took it back and they fixed it right away.
mine was around 200 for all around too
i would deffinatly go back and let them know. depending on the lighting they have/use, they may not even know that it exists until it goes out into the sunlight.
Agreed- after that heat/sun it should be cured. Mine was done, sat outside and all moisture between the film and the glass was gone the next day.

You're not bitching, you're just wanting to make sure it's been done correctly. :)
they are going to redo the back window and the front strip because its to short. the sides are coming together but they are still bubbly. One of the back windows is also being redone. I am considering a 50 percent tint on the entire front window but the cops are bad around here. If not that I am doing a 8 inch top piece. I will post pics when its done.
If your stuff is still bubbly I would honestly just have them remove it all at no cost to you and take your car somewhere else... tint is all about how well it is installed and I would be skeptical seeing as they have had to redo almost your entire car a few days after you got it done... side note I'm doing 50 on the windshield too and I honestly don't think cops will notice at all... its nothing
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