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Bad transfer case?

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Hello everybody.

I need some help, i just bought a land cruiser with a transmission problem. The car shakes when you take off, you have to accelerate really slowly in order to avoid this. After take off, you can floor it an it's smooth. It only shakes a tiny bit sometimes when shifting to 2nd. It doesn't shake at all when reversing...

It's a FJ62 landcruiser, with an automatic transmission.

The gearbox has had treatment, and new reverse gear fitted. and the receipt shows that it needs an overhaul.

I had a look under the car, and the bolt to fill up the transfer case is loose, leaking, and the thread is gone. So i guess there isn't much oil left in there.

Could it be that the transfer case only is dead? i don't know what could be the symptoms, neither how to check.

Thank you for your help!

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