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Hi guys,

My dad was able to convince my mom to sell the car, but before we do I would like to ask your opinion on what the ballpark price would be.

Needs front axles done (CV boots)
Throttle cable stretched (slightly)
No problems starting
Needs minor attention cosmetically (white body color), NO rust
Everything else works

Car is a 1992 DX 4AFE engine, 3 speed automatic transmission. Thanks.

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Every day someone desperatly needs a $1000 transportation car.
Every day someones beater quit beating.
Every day someone totaled their car & has a nice fat check burning a hole in their pocket from the insurance company.
Every day someone turns 16 and parents need to buy them a first car.

Your car has 4 things going for it
1. Cheap
2. economical to run
3.Toyota (do you really think anyone is looking for a 92 hyundai? or Kia)
4. Automatic

A owner of a dealership told me "there is an ass for every seat":D
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