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Battery light flickering

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1991 Previa, 211K miles. Runs like a top.

It just started. Just replaced the battery, because it dies overnight and I thought that it was the battery. There is some kind of draw on it, I think. Took it to Sears, where I bought the battery, and they checked the battery and alternator and said that both were fine. If I leave the ground cable to the battery on for more than 6 hours, the battery runs all the way down to nothing.

We've had a very cold, snowy winter here in Chicago; just my luck.
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Alternator brushes may be worn and at the end of there rope (literally) and making intermittant contact and thus not getting a full charge. Or you have a drain to ground somewhere. Make sure the cargo light is turned off :rolleyes:
Thanks for the input! Indeed, it turns out that I do have some drain to ground. Can I remove the fuses one a a time and then touch the ground post to the battery, to see no spark, to isolate the ground fault?
If there is a short you can narrow it down by removing a fuse and put a test light or volt meter across the fuse terminals. If you get a light or voltage your problem is on that circuit somewhere
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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